In this sermon we look at the fall of King Solomon and diagnose the reasons and effects of his fall.

Sermon by Scott Kolcharno to our middle schoolers.

1 Kings 10: Is it Enough?

Sermon by Gabe Whittaker to our High schoolers.

Sermon by Sam Stelsel

1 Kings 8:1-21

Collin Jones deliver this sermon in our on mohi h series in the rise and fall of king Solomon.

How the whole story of Jonah points to the person and work of Jesus Christ in the gospel.

The last 3 sermons we have been focusing on the Temple. This week we look to the Gospel of John to see how Jesus viewed the Temple and it’s implicatio...View Details

Sermon by Pastor Alex Duncan on the planning of the Temple.

Sermon by Collin Jones on how the furniture of the Temple points to Jesus.

Construction in the Temple begins, but how does this apply to Christians today? In this Sermon Pastor JT draws 5 observations from the text to show us...View Details

YAC Session 4: Live Q&A

Live Q&A with Pastor John Dirkse, Joe Thorn, Jimmy Fowler, and JT Stead.

Pastor Joe Thorn of Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles IL, brings the word. 

Pastor Jimmy Fowler from redeemer fellowship is St. Charles IL brings the word. 

Session 1 By Pastor John Dirkse.

What are the effects the wisdom of God in the life of a Christian? In this sermon Pastor JT draws from the text 3 effects of Wisdom and why we should ...View Details

Women in the church today are generally known for leaving the study of doctrine to the men. In fact women today are the highest consumer of self-help ...View Details

Collin Jones exposites 1 Kings 3 showing how King Solomon recieves wisdom and applies it. What is true for Solomon is also for us, for God has reveale...View Details

How do we secure peace with God? The answer to this theological question is the application of this sermon. Solomon is charged to 1) Obey God and 2) e...View Details

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