What is the glory of God and how does God's glory transform our lives?  Pastor John Dirkse opens up the conference with an amazing sermon answering th...View Details

Jesus told his sad disciples in John 16:7 that is is to their advantage that He leaves them to return to heaven. How can this be? In the Christian chu...View Details

The good news of Jesus is the most important news we could ever hear but how can it become good news for you? When Jesus preached the Gospel of the Ki...View Details

The Message of the book of Daniel is "The Lord reigns supreme over all kings and kingdoms. The reasons for this message was to encourage, remind, comf...View Details

One of the main testimonies of the book of Daniel is that God is Sovereign and He governs all things by His providence and for His glory. Daniel 11 de...View Details

7. Faith: Mark 1:15

The good news of Jesus Christ is one of the most important messages for people today, but how does this good news become ours? Do we have to work for ...View Details

Women are being fed lies from the world in so many different facets of life. From social media influencers, self help authors, fitness gurus, Disney, ...View Details

Chapter 10 is the introduction to the final vision of the book of Daniel (chapters 10-12) and is thus the final conflict. In this chapter an angel vis...View Details

The apostle Paul stated that if christ did not raise from the dead then our preaching and belief in Jesus was meaningless. Jesus was either a Liar, Lu...View Details

Who is Jesus and what did he do for sinners? Jesus Bore the consequences of our sin as our substitute. 

Does God hear our prayers? I know many of us believe that to be true but we don't live like it's true. Daniel is perplexed and in mourning over sin an...View Details

Two weeks ago we looked at what inspired Daniel to pray in Chapter 9. In this sermon Pastor JT analyzes the content of Daniel's prayer in order to giv...View Details

This sermon is on the lost and ignored doctrine of Hell. A light view of hell will produce a light view of God's love and grace. Therefore students mu...View Details

3. Sin (Romans 3:23a)

What is Sin? Why do we sin?  and who sins? These three questions are crucial in understanding why Jesus came to earth and died on a cross. Jesus. was....View Details

"What a man is in secret, on his knees before God, that he is and no more." - John Owen. Daniel Chapter 9:1-23 takes break from apocalyptic prophecy t...View Details

In order to understand the Gospel we must first understand the Law. God's Law is summarized in the 10 commandments, which Jesus summarizes in Matthew ...View Details

Daniel 8 is all about a vision of a coming season of suffering for God's people at the hands of a tyrant king named Antiochus Epaphanes. Antiochus emb...View Details

1. God (Genesis 1:1,27)

What is the gospel? In this brand new series Pastor JT is attempting to teach the middle school students the most important truths of the Christian fa...View Details

Are we in the Last Days? Is God really in control of what is going on? Daniel 7 is the most important chapter in all of Daniel and one of the most con...View Details

Question 107: What is the Lord’s Supper? Answer: The Lord’s Supper is a holy ordinance of the church. By eating bread and drinking the cup according t...View Details

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