Happy Lord's day. Traditionally the Protestant Reformed church would read and confess the core truths of this catechism in their church services every...View Details

Q. 36. What benefits in this life accompany or flow from justification, adoption and sanctification? The benefits in this life which accompany or flow...View Details

Q. 32. What benefits in this life are shared by those who are effectively called? In this life those who are effectively called share in justification...View Details

In this sermon Sam Stelsel teaches on the time Jesus went to a funeral. While there he interacts with two women, Mary and Martha who ask Jesus the sam...View Details

Can we know truth? Are there many ways to eternal life? These questions are answered by Jesus in this sermon delivered by on of our adult leaders Josh...View Details

Who is Jesus? In this sermon Pastoral Intern Gabe Whittaker preaches out of John 10:11 to show us how Jesus is our good shepherd. 

Do we chose God or does God chose me?  Q. 29. How are we made to share in the redemption purchased by Christ? We are made to share in the redemption p...View Details

Q. 27. In what did Christ’s humiliation consist? Christ’s humiliation consisted in being born, and that in a poor circumstance; in being subject to Go...View Details

How can sinful human beings become right with God? Are you in rights standing with God? These are some of the most important questions we could ask ou...View Details

Q. 23. What offices does Christ fill as our Redeemer? Christ as our Redeemer fills the offices of a prophet, of a priest, and of a king, in his states...View Details

Q. 21. Who is the Redeemer of God’s elect? The only Redeemer of God’s elect is the Lord Jesus Christ, who, being the eternal Son of God became man, an...View Details

Here is a reading of questions 1-20 of the Westminster shorter catechism. In the month of July we will continue our study looking at questions 21-38. 

GOOD NEWS - God in His grace will not leave us to die in our sins due to our breaking his law. In this episode we learn of another covenant God makes ...View Details

 Tonight Jesus calls himself the door or the sheep gate, which is what sheep passed through in order to gain access to pastures. Jesus’ illustration o...View Details

Jesus said that He is the Light of the World. What does this mean? What is Jesus claiming and why is it that his audience wanted to put him to death f...View Details

Just how bad are we? In this episode we answer this question as we learn about the depths of human depravity.  Q. 18. What is the sinfulness of that s...View Details

Why is there so much brokenness int he world? In this episode we answer this questions by looking at the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  Q. 13. Did ou...View Details

In Today's episode we discus the 2 lost doctrines of God's providence and the covenant of life he made with Adam. These doctrines are vital to underst...View Details

In today's episode we look at the core truths surrounding God's creation.  Q. 9. What is the work of creation? The work of creation is the making by G...View Details

What did Jesus mean when he said "I am the bread of life"? What bread is he talking about? Every person alive today is teaching for food to fill and s...View Details

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