Man’s Heart Exposed (1)

Why does Jesus say that unless man is born Aragon he cannot (is unable) to see the kingdom of God? In this sermon Pastor JT Stead explains how the law...View Details

Harvest Student Ministry exists to proclaim the gospel in order to present students mature in Christ. We do this by partnering with parents in helping...View Details

Why do you need Christmas? What is the significance of Christmas for you today? What is so special about this baby named Jesus? In this short sermon P...View Details

If Only I Had… (12)

If only I had... (fill in the blank). The 10th commandments summarizes all the commands by getting to the heart of the matter. This command is all abo...View Details

Student Ministry Leader Tucker Sommerville preaches on the 9th command "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor". What does this comman...View Details

Student Ministry Intern Gabe Whittaker preaches on the 9th command "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor". What does this command me...View Details

Am I a thief? Most people live by and are okay with the command "Thou Shall Not Steal" but does this only apply to robbers? What does it mean to obey ...View Details

Breakout 1 by Chris Jones who runs the EquipU ministry at Harvest Rockford.

Breakout 4 by Pastor Matt Joiner who is over harvest Kids ministry and life group ministry at Harvest Rockford. 

Breakout 2 by Luke Dirkse who leads the Harvest 20's ministry at Harvest Rockford.

Breakout 1 by Pastor JT Stead and Michie DeBerry on understanding general revelation and total depravity.

Main Session 2 by Apologist Jonathan Noyes

Always Ready Conference Session 1 by Apologist Jonathan Noyes.  

What is adultery and why does god take it so seriously? Out of all the commands in God's moral law this one hits home for many living in our hyper-sex...View Details

"I'm a good person... I mean I'm not as bad as the murderer". We hear this all the time from people but is that really true? From God's perspective is...View Details

What are you most afraid of? As our culture celebrates Halloween, 502 years ago a German monk came across a scary truth and his only hope for salvatio...View Details

Honor Who? (7)

Would the word "Honor" be associated with how teenagers treat their parents today? In His wisdom and Holiness God saw fit to give a command regarding ...View Details

In this episode of Table talk my goal is to show students the importance of our recent series on the 10 commandments in regards to evangelism. What is...View Details

The 4th command of God's moral law is To keep the sabbath day Holy. What does this mean for new covenant believers? Does it apply? What is the purpose...View Details

The 3rd Commandment states "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for I will not hold him guiltless who takes the Lord's name in v...View Details

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