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How do Christians Grow in Christ? 

How do we grow in Christ? Once we are saved by grace are we then sanctified by our works? Do we now have to maintain our status in God's covenant by o...View Details

Intern Collin Jones delivered this message out of Galatians 4:1-7 to our dear middle school students. Adoption is the most beautiful doctrine to know ...View Details


If Justification is the heart of the Gospel then Adoption is the crown jewel. It is the sweetest doctrine to taste and a comfort for the weary soul. I...View Details

In this episode Pastor JT sits down with Collin Jones to talk further about the doctrine of Justification by Faith alone and all of its implications f...View Details


How is it that I a guilty sinner can be accepted and forgiven by a Just and Holy God? This question strikes at the heart of the gospel and the answer ...View Details

This sermon was preached by Scott Kalcharno to our Middle School Students on the nature of true conversion. 

True Conversion

Every one is searching for change but they can't seem to find it. Christians for centuries have confessed that true change is wrought by the Holy Spir...View Details

This sermon was preached to high school students. There have been primarily three views of salvation throughout time: 1) Salvation by works 2) Salvati...View Details

Effectual Calling

God's saving work began in the past when God the Father made a covenant with His Son to give him a people for his own possession. Jesus accepted the t...View Details


Salvation from A-Z is All of Grace. This is the first sermon is a series of sermons on the doctrine of salvation. In this sermon we see that the salva...View Details

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