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The Message of the book of Daniel is "The Lord reigns supreme over all kings and kingdoms. The reasons for this message was to encourage, remind, comf...View Details

One of the main testimonies of the book of Daniel is that God is Sovereign and He governs all things by His providence and for His glory. Daniel 11 de...View Details

Chapter 10 is the introduction to the final vision of the book of Daniel (chapters 10-12) and is thus the final conflict. In this chapter an angel vis...View Details

Does God hear our prayers? I know many of us believe that to be true but we don't live like it's true. Daniel is perplexed and in mourning over sin an...View Details

Two weeks ago we looked at what inspired Daniel to pray in Chapter 9. In this sermon Pastor JT analyzes the content of Daniel's prayer in order to giv...View Details

"What a man is in secret, on his knees before God, that he is and no more." - John Owen. Daniel Chapter 9:1-23 takes break from apocalyptic prophecy t...View Details

Daniel 8 is all about a vision of a coming season of suffering for God's people at the hands of a tyrant king named Antiochus Epaphanes. Antiochus emb...View Details

Are we in the Last Days? Is God really in control of what is going on? Daniel 7 is the most important chapter in all of Daniel and one of the most con...View Details

Many preachers use this story of the lions den to point to Daniel as a moral example for Christian living. But how would that of encouraged those suff...View Details

In part 1 of Daniel chapter 6 we learn of the way in which Gods Pilgrims (Christians) are to live in the world but not of the world. 

The theme of Daniel Chapter 5 is: God levels human Arrogance. When man looks up and sees God for who he is, how can he not be humbled? In this passage...View Details

In this sermon Pastor Jt focuses in on the Rise and Fall of King Nebuchadnezzar. The main them is on pride, its nature, it's result, and it's cure. I ...View Details

What does it mean for God to be Sovereign? The doctrine of the sovereignty of God functions in scripture as one of the most comforting doctrines for s...View Details

God’s people were pressured by the Babylonians to worship and serve their God just like we are pressured everyday to reject God and serve the world an...View Details

The king of Babylon wakes up in a sweat to a bad dream regarding the future. What is is all about? Why is he so frightened? In this sermon Pastor JT S...View Details

Bad Dreams: Daniel 2:1-23

Which is better life without God or life with God? In this sermon based on Daniel 2 Pastor JT gives reasons why the world is an awful place run by awf...View Details

The Bible speaks of God's people as exiles, pilgrims, sojourners who have no true home on this earth. We live in the world (Babylon) but we belong to ...View Details

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