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What are you most afraid of? As our culture celebrates Halloween, 502 years ago a German monk came across a scary truth and his only hope for salvatio...View Details

This sermon was preached by Pastor JT Stead at our Junior High Summer Camp 2019. The theme of this years camp was "Hearts" or the different heart cond...View Details

If I could give one encouragement to graduates and their families, it’s this.

Junior High WinterFest Session 2. Pastor JT Stead speaks on the relationship between the Law and the gospel. There are two responses to Jesus, the fir...View Details

Junior High WinterFest Session 1. Pastor JT Stead speaks on this amazing parable that exposed the self-righteous hearts of the Pharisees, while at the...View Details

American evangelicalism has it all backwards by being so consumed with what we "should be" rather that emphasizing who "we are" in Christ. Have you fo...View Details

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