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Who is Jesus and why does he chose a vine to illustrate who he is? In this sermon Sam Stelsel teaches on this important passage in order to show us wh...View Details

In this sermon Sam Stelsel teaches on the time Jesus went to a funeral. While there he interacts with two women, Mary and Martha who ask Jesus the sam...View Details

Can we know truth? Are there many ways to eternal life? These questions are answered by Jesus in this sermon delivered by on of our adult leaders Josh...View Details

Who is Jesus? In this sermon Pastoral Intern Gabe Whittaker preaches out of John 10:11 to show us how Jesus is our good shepherd. 

 Tonight Jesus calls himself the door or the sheep gate, which is what sheep passed through in order to gain access to pastures. Jesus’ illustration o...View Details

Jesus said that He is the Light of the World. What does this mean? What is Jesus claiming and why is it that his audience wanted to put him to death f...View Details

What did Jesus mean when he said "I am the bread of life"? What bread is he talking about? Every person alive today is teaching for food to fill and s...View Details

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