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JT Stead and Collin Jones Talk further about the most beautiful doctrine of Grace...Adoption. We hope and pray this is edifying to you as we share som...View Details

In this episode Pastor JT sits down with Collin Jones to talk further about the doctrine of Justification by Faith alone and all of its implications f...View Details

In this episode Pastor JT gives 10 reasons why Good Friday is in fact a celebration of Christ's work on the cross. There are probably more reasons to ...View Details

Why should I date? Is dating biblical? Is marriage only between a man and a woman? Is divorce okay? We received so many questions regarding this topic...View Details

How do I evangelize to someone who is indifferent to the gospel? What is evangelism? What is not evangelism? What does the Bible have to say about the...View Details

Have can I forgive someone? Do I have to raise my hands in worship? Where do I start and how do I start to read the Bible? On February 19th we had a Q...View Details

In this episode of Table talk my goal is to show students the importance of our recent series on the 10 commandments in regards to evangelism. What is...View Details

Based off of last Wednesday's Sermon Pastor JT and his wife Kaitlyn sit down to discuss how the gospel empowers us to daily submit to our parents. Eve...View Details

In September of 2018 after preaching a sermon on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Pastor John and his wife Betsey joined me for a live Q&A on the su...View Details

Answering your questions about theology, life, and culture hosted by JT Stead featuring Kaitlyn Stead Text us your questions: 608-466-2832

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