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What is the mark that separates those who are born again and those who are not? Jesus answer: Faith. In sermon we take a look at the evangelism of Jes...View Details

Do you have a conversion testimony? How you you know if you are Born Again? In this sermon we will take a look at the conversion of the most famous Ch...View Details

What happens when someone is "Born Again"? In this Sermon Pastor JT continues on the topic of the nature of the New Birth out of John 3:5-8. 

What does Jesus mean when he says You must Be Born Again? What is the new birth? Regeneration? Pastor JT in this sermon begins to unpack the deep mean...View Details

The new birth or regeneration is the necessary condition to seeing or entering the kingdom of heaven. Are you born again? Nicodemus checked all the ch...View Details

The church today is filled with make believers and believers. The question is what is the difference between the two and how do I know I have genuine ...View Details

Why does Jesus say that unless man is born Aragon he cannot (is unable) to see the kingdom of God? In this sermon Pastor JT Stead explains how the law...View Details

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