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Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Without the literal ressurection of Jesus Christ the God-man your faith is utterly futile. If Christ was not rais...View Details

Mark brings his account its climax by a confession that would distinguish Christians from the world. This is by far the most important sermon in the s...View Details

The Christian life is one of Suffering, but why is that? How does Jesus’ suffering shed light on the lives we live as believers?

What is the passover? What is the meaning of communion? How is Jesus the passover lamb? If you misunderstand the Passover, you will misunderstand who ...View Details

We are devoted to what we love. In the passage 3 expressions of devotion are examined: The believer, unbeliever, and the savior.

When you think of Jesus, what comes to your mind? A friend? Savior? Healer? How often is it that we think of Jesus as a king? One of our shepherds, Lu...View Details

Jesus is God: Mark 9:2-8

Who do you listen to? Pastor Matt Joiner exposits Mark 9:2-8 showing us who and why we should listen to only one person.

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? 

The climax of the book of mark happens when Jesus asks his disciples "Who do you say that I am?" 

Our culture tells us to "follow our hearts" but what does Jesus say?  

Gabe Whittaker preaches on how Jesus is the shepherd the Old testament always spoke of. 

Jesus casts out a legion of demons showing us who He really is. 

Who is Jesus and what is the parable of the sower really about? 

Who is Jesus? How is he our substitute? 

Who is Jesus? The book of mark is all about the answer to this question. Here is the first sermon out of the series. 

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