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This sermon was preached by Pastor Perry Gagliano to our middle school and high school guys. 

The Idolatry of Self

Julie Haak and Kaitlyn Stead discuss the idolatry of appearance that so many girls face in our culture today. 

This message was delivered by Molly Stewart to our middle school and high school girls. I pray this timely message is an encouragement to your soul an...View Details

This sermon was delivered at the Redeemer Students Fall Kickoff by Pastor JT Stead. 

The message was delivered by Betsey Dirkse to all the young girls of Redeemer Students. I pray that her wisdom and passion for the truth would encoura...View Details

Do you value the opinions concerns, values, beliefs, and perceptions of other people? Are you afraid of being rejected or being exposed as a failure? ...View Details

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